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Welcome to CrossFit Amherst


Welcome to CrossFit Amherst

12541002_465945280279367_8579252461175935611_nI have continuously searched for a company statement and set of values for CrossFit Amherst over the past two years. I don’t believe you can create something like that at the start of a business but after you have experienced what you can do and how you can change people’s lives that walk through your doors on a daily basis.

CrossFit Amherst is not your typical gym and our team works extremely hard, day and night, to create the best experience possible for all our members every single day. We do not have 9-5 jobs as we work from the time we wake up (sometimes before we wake up haha) to the time our eyes are closed at night. Our atmosphere, fitness programming, coaching, motivation, ability to help and presentation, are extremely important to us!

Over two years since our doors opened, this statement is what Becca and myself came up with and what we believe describes CrossFit Amherst perfectly and what you can expect when you join our fitness community!