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January Member Spotlight!


January Member Spotlight!

photo(92)It’s a new year, and we have our first “Get To Know Our Athletes” spotlight of 2016!

This month we are spotlighting Jason Popielarz! Jason has been a member at CrossFit Amherst since the beginning, has always put in the hard work and consistent effort, and that shows in how much he has progressed and will continue to in many ways. We asked Jason a few brief questions about himself and here are his answers:

1) Where is your hometown?  Dunkirk, NY
2) What do you do for a living?  Commercial Insurance (also, sell life insurance if anyone needs it!)
3) Do you have any children/pets? If so, what kind/how many?  2 rescue dogs: Opal (bichon/poodle) and Mindy (poodle)
4) What is your favorite movement in CrossFit? Least favorite? Favorite- Push Press (see leaderboard ;))  Least- Kettlebell Swing
5) What are your hobbies outside of CFA? Golf, Buffalo Sports, and Fantasy sports
6) What would you like to get out of CrossFit long-term? Continue to get stronger and would like to get better with cardio
7) Fun Fact about you! Played college Baseball