Teams of 4
For Time and Max Calories
Front Squats (135/95) *Partner holds plank
Single Arm Shoulder to Overhead (53/35) *Partner holds active hang from bar
Pull Ups *Partner holds wall sit
(Partners cannot do more than 10 reps in a row before switching)

-2 Partner work at a time on the movements while 2 partners accumulate max calories on the assault bike
-Assault Bike partners switch on bike when movement partners switch on the specific movement

Duo A 30 FS+plank / Duo B bike
Duo B 30 FS+plank / Duo A bike
Duo A 30 S2O+hang / Duo B bike
Duo B 30 S20+hang / Duo A bike
Duo A 30 Pullups+wall / Duo B bike
Duo B 30 Pullups+wall / Duo A bike
And so on for 20’s & 10’s