CrossFit Amherst Pre-Holiday Lifestyle Challenge Coming Soon!

btwbphotoHey everyone!

We all work hard in the gym, crushing it daily, hitting PR’s, motivating others, and stepping outside your comfort zone with most workouts……Now it is time to measure our success not only in the gym, but outside of the gym as well!

Starting October 24th, we will start our CrossFit Amherst Pre-Holiday Lifestyle Challenge. This challenge will run 4 weeks from October 24th – November 18th (right before Thanksgiving).

We will be utilizing the amazing software that is Beyond The Whiteboard (which if you have not been using daily, you are doing yourself a disservice).

Each day, those members that are a part of the Lifestyle Challenge will log information other than what weight you lifted or how fast you ran. You will be responsible for logging outside factors that have a direct correlation to your health and fitness. These are:
-Nutrition (How well did you eat today?)
-Sleep (How many hours of sleep are you getting?)
-Hydration (Are you staying hydrated throughout the day?)
-Mobilizing (Are you taking the time to stretch and mobilize?)
-Workouts (Tracking your workouts, and how many times you are working out each week….ACCOUNTABILITY!)

THIS IS FOR EVERYONE! Commit to 4 weeks (especially before the Holidays) of being extremely accountable for all aspects you control, and see how much you can progress in such a short period of time. If you have never done a challenge like this, try it now! 4 weeks is not a long time, but long enough to get into a good routine, with great habits both inside and outside of the gym, and strengthen yourself mentally as well as physically.

I encourage all to sign up for our Pre-Holiday Lifestyle Challenge this week at the front desk! You must also be using BTWB, which there is no reason everybody should not be since it is FREE to all members of CrossFit Amherst. So if you are not on BTWB, please message me to get you on at

Here is a link for more info:…/lifestyle-analyze-l…/

PS: We will be taking before and after photos and measurements for those that want to, but not required!

Sign up by: Tuesday, October 18th at the Front Desk!