Bench Press
4 x 6
(75% of 1RM)

12:00 EMOM (alt.)

-1 Legless Rope Climb
-3 Bar Muscle Ups

-1 Rope Climb
-6 C2B Pull Ups

-3 Rope Climb (Ground to Stand)
-5 Pull Ups


Handstand Walk : 6 x 30 sec. on / 30 sec. rest

Shoulder Taps : 6 x 30 sec. on / 30 sec. rest

Wall Climb + Hold : 6 x 30 sec. on / 30 sec. rest

Accessory Work (Done on your own):
Farmers Carry: one KB in each hand, walk 100m and rest 2 minutes. Try not to put the KB down on the pavement (use the small black mats by the bay door at 50 and 100m). Goal is to get as far as you can without putting them down each round.

Mobility Work (Done on your own):
Roll quads and hamstrings (1 minute each)
Seated forward fold stretch (1 min)
Wall calf stretch (1 min each)
Couch stretch (1 min each)