The results are in for week 1 of the CrossFit Games Open Team Competition!
Every team did awesome and definitely looking forward to the continued hard work through the next 4 weeks. Make sure you all submit your scores each week for me to validate as well, because that ultimately effects your team score in a negative way if you don’t. We expect you to keep giving these workouts everything you have, meaning you will not scale down if you are fully capable of doing it RX. These are the places for week 1. Each week I will show the weekly winner, and the team in the overall lead.

1st: The “Eh” Team (Becca Mahl’s Team)
2nd: Thruster, I Hardly Know Her (Wyatt’s Team)
3rd: Jerk It N’ Twerk It (Shane’s Team)
4th: Zack V. and The Family (Honorary Captain Zack’s Team)
5th: Snatch Made In Heaven (Matt’sTeam)