KB Windmills
Accumulate 25 R / 25 L

10 Minute EMOTM
3 Clean and Jerks
C: 155/105, R: 135/95, S: 115/75



5:00 Max Distance Row
5:00 AMRAP – 3-6-9…Squat Snatch (C: 135/95, R:115/75, S: 95/55) / HR Pushups
5:00 Max Distance Run (laps)
5:00 AMRAP – 3-6-9…Squat Snatch (C: 135/95, R:115/75, S:95/55) / HR Pushups


The results are in for week 1 of the CrossFit Games Open Team Competition!
Every team did awesome and definitely looking forward to the continued hard work through the next 4 weeks. Make sure you all submit your scores each week for me to validate as well, because that ultimately effects your team score in a negative way if you don’t. We expect you to keep giving these workouts everything you have, meaning you will not scale down if you are fully capable of doing it RX. These are the places for week 1. Each week I will show the weekly winner, and the team in the overall lead.

1st: The “Eh” Team (Becca Mahl’s Team)
2nd: Thruster, I Hardly Know Her (Wyatt’s Team)
3rd: Jerk It N’ Twerk It (Shane’s Team)
4th: Zack V. and The Family (Honorary Captain Zack’s Team)
5th: Snatch Made In Heaven (Matt’sTeam)



3 Sets
3 Rounds: as fast as possible
30 Double Unders
20 KB Swings (C:70/53, R: 53/35, S:44/26)
10 Pullups
*rest 1:00 between rounds, rest 2:00 b/t sets*

3 Rounds
:20 L-Sit
:10 Rest
:20 High Plank
:10 Rest
:20 HS Hold
:10 Rest



Push Press
5 x 3 up to heaviest possible

14:00 AMRAP
20 KB Snatches (alt.) (C/R: 53/35, S: 44/26)
10-yd Sprint
20 Situps
10-yd Sprint



5:00 AMRAP
5 Burpees
20-yd Sprint

-rest 5:00-

12:00 EMOTM (alternating)
Even – 3 Deadlift @ 65%
Odd – 8 Box Jump Step-downs (24/20)

-rest 3:00-

For Time
150 Wallballs (20/14)


So we’re about to hit 15.1 tomorrow so lets talk nutrition strategy! 

Today/Tonight: Make sure you’re getting enough food throughout the day but there is no need to carb load. Just be aware that you’re eating enough protein, carbs and fat as well as drinking enough water throughout the day. Ideally a 2:1 ration of protein and carbs (ex. 15 grams of beef: 30 grams of sweet potato).

Tomorrow Morning (2-3 Hours Pre-WOD): This is the time to get your solid meal in. Once again, make sure it is balanced (protein, carbs and fats) because your body will need all to perform. (ex. Eggs, bacon, and sweet potato)….any reason to eat bacon is a good one.  

Pre WOD (30-45 Min Pre-workout): This should be one last little bit of fuel that your body will need. Something small and light to just give you enough energy. If your body is using all of its energy digesting, you will have none left for the WOD. I recommend a a hard boiled egg, small protein shake with coconut milk, perfect bar OR a small cup of bulletproof (butter) coffee with some protein mixed in. Once again, keep this one small and balanced. 

Post WOD: Time to RECOVER. Immediately (15-30 minutes post WOD) you are going to want to get some protein and carbs into your system! Try to hit that 2:1 ratio. This could be a protein shake with some carbs or lean protein and starches (ex. Protein shake and some fruit or tuna/chicken with sweet potato/rice). Try to avoid anything heavy in fat during this time period because it will slow the absorption of the other nutrients. Plan ahead and come prepared!

Eat well, get a good night of sleep, and get pumped to get after it tomorrow!!

Saturday (2/28) Open Workout 15.1 & 15.1a

Saturday (2/28) Open Workout 15.1 & 15.1a

All athletes that are registered for the Open, please arrive around 9:30-9:45 AM to get situated and a proper warm up. Heats will start around 10:30 AM with a heat schedule posted when you get here. Also, start thinking about what weights you might want to use for the workout itself (for 15.1 & 15.1a).

If you plan on coming to do the Open workout tomorrow, and you are not registered for the Open, you will be able to do it at 9 AM (arrive on time).

There will be no CFA Kids Zone tomorrow. Family and friends are welcome to watch and hang out, and kids must be supervised by parents or legal guardian.

Progenex will also be joining us for our first week of The Open. Serving up their awesome supplements, and cheering us on!

If you want to bring a beverage of choice to celebrate surviving the first workout that is also fine (AKA: BYOB)

Lastly, team names. I encourage all teams to come up with a team name. Names can be funny, borderline inappropriate, politically incorrect, and creative (don’t go overboard).

Let the games begin!



CrossFit Games Open Workout 15.1
9 Minute AMRAP
15 Toes To Bar
10 Deadlifts (115/75)
5 Snatches (115/75)

CrossFit Games Open Workout 15.1a
Minutes 9:01-15:00
Establish 1 rep max Clean and Jerk